Hi Paula,
We just wanted to wish you and your family Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! We also wanted to send you some updated photos of Lucy, she has grown so much and we all just love her! She is very happy here and loves to play with the girls. Thank you very much for her!

Bob, Brooke, Morgan, & Kylee
Virginia, MN
Happy Holidays from Sadie & Spock
Paula, the kitties are doing so well. They are adjusting to their new home. They have settled into a routine and it is working out so good. They go to bed around 9pm and sleep all night until we get up at 5:30 am. They get up when I got out to make coffee in the morning. They have breakfast and both go to the litter box and then play and play. When I come home from work, they run to greet me. It is probably because they know their dinner is coming, but I like to think it is because they missed me while I was at work. They help daddy read the paper, and me fold laundry. It is wonderful to have them and I can't tell you how much we love them. We had a baby shower for them this weekend, and they got to meet their aunts and grandma. They really took to grandma. She was so pleased as you can see in the picture. They really made out with kitty toys and gifts. Pam - Ohio
Sadie is absolutely perfect! She plays, eats, and uses litter well.
She sleeps by me all night and only meows when I roll over. She is active, like greased lightening, but cuddles most of the time. I've created a paradise for her here and she is truly happy. She plays with every toy and climbs very well.

Although she is small, and I knew that when I chose her, she is strong. I believe she is the the quality and happy kitten she is because of the care and interest you provided for her.

I will gladly recommend you to anyone interested in purchasing a Cornish Rex kitten and please, feel free to use this letter and/or me as a reference.

Gotta go, Sadie wants to cuddle.

Thanks again,
Katherine Moran

Hi Paula!  I wanted to take the time to let you know how happy we are with our beautiful kitten Lucy.  We were very excited when we got her. In fact the day we picked her up it seemed like the plane didn't land fast enough!! We got to open the carrier right away because the lady at the airport wanted to see her. It was love at first sight. We got her home and the girls were so happy. Lucy has made our family very interesting and fun. We never know what she is going to do. She loves to eat and play. She also hides our kids stuffed animals when they go to school, it's quite funny because they get home and start seeing that their animals are gone and they ask Lucy where they are and she just meows at them and walks away. She is learning the different seasons outside and prefers to stay inside when its cold. On hot days you will find her sitting next to the open window waiting for something to come by. In the winter she is sleeping next to the heater not caring what comes by! 
Her favorite game is chasing anything that moves, could be a toy, shoelace, or a shadow! She has her shy moments, when someone new comes over she hides for a minute to secretly check them out!
She is very affectionate and love to rub against and lick the girls faces and necks. She knows when they get home from school and is waiting for them. She helps them with their homework by sitting on their papers and trying to chew or play with their pencils.
All and all everything is great and we couldn't ask for a better pet!! We are so happy she is a member of our family! Thank you Paula! You have made our kids very happy and our family more complete!

Thank you,
Robert, Brooke, Morgan, Kylee, & Lucy
Virginia, MN

Lucy & Kylee
Lucy & Morgan
Vashti - St. Louis
Johnson family - Midland, Tx
Evening. Just thought I would let you know they are doing great! He is almost twice the size of her and seems like he has grown considerably in the week we have had him. He is the more laid back of the two, she likes to keep him in her sites and fusses at him often. He will lay down with our dog if she is asleep first, but she is still hanging back. They have been such a joy this past week and we look forward to many years to come.
Thank you,
Paula, the kitties are doing great. We went to the vet this evening for our shots. Both are very healthy, everything looks good. Everyone makes such a fuss over them at the vet's office. They are growing so much. When we went 3 weeks ago, they both weighed 1.9 lbs, today, Daisey weighs 2.4 lbs and Bugsy weighs 2.7 lbs. They are such a pleasure to have and so entertaining. There is never a dull moment. They love to take a nap with daddy every evening after they have dinner, because daddy takes a nap then too. It is so cute, because as soon as he snoozes on the sofa, they are both up there on his chest snuggling in. Here is a picture of them. I think they are the most beautiful kitties ever. Pam

The Schwab Family - Midland, Tx
Fred and Joey
Burleson, Tx
Hi Paula,

I took some more pics of Vashti for my FB page, and we have yet to get some with Naomi where they are both still! But we will. Vashti is a very curious and extremely friendly little pet. She is not a one-person cat- she really likes everyone and is very good with our 5 year old!

She sits on my lap every day and all day while I work on my computer. She is definitely a lap kitty!! I have some photos posted of her sitting on my lap with my paperwork. She purrs constantly and is just very sweet.

Anyway, my husband brags all of the time about how intelligent Vashti is. He thinks she is a complete genius.  He holds her in his arms like a little baby and carries her all over the house cuddling her. It is very funny to see this big guy over 6 feet tall with the little kitten. 

Her curly fur and whiskers are really starting to come in, and she is just gorgeous. Thank you so much for this wonderful little pet! Please feel free to download anything off my website that you find, and if you need a reference I'd definitely vouch for you!


Great reveiws at the vet. No surprise. Lucy is a doll and healthy as can be. 1.5lbs.


.Tazo - Olmsted Falls, Ohio
Sylvia and Charley
Ft Worth, Tx
Jeff, Vicky and Willow
Azlin and Azreal - Midland, Tx
The baby is a well adjusted, little princess. She has tripled her size. Her curly coat is showing more. She is now best buddies with my Cairn Terrier Floyd whom she often pushes out of his bed.
We are all covered in tiny, little, kitty scratches because she loves to play, ambush, etc. She is such a lover. And of coarse she sleeps with me, usually curled up at my neck but sometimes with her head on the pillow like a human all tucked into the covers.

I take pictures all the time but mostly they are no good since they just show a black blurr. I guess that's a typical kitten for you.

I'll try to get some worth sending over to you.


Paula, just wanted to send you a few pictures of Bugsy and Daisy. They are growing so fast. As you can see in the pictures they do everything together. They even get into mischief together. They love their little bed, they have a heated bed. It is so cute the way they will just stretch out in it. Yes they are spoiled, but we do not have human children so they get all our love and attention. I hope you have a good Thanksgiving. Pam

hi paula...

just wanted to let you know what a magic addition to our family Obi is...we are enchanted...we are infatuated...we are in love...

she arrived from her cross country flight in high spirits...with a lot to say about her solo adventure...although we were not yet fluent in Obi language we got the impression...she was not anxious to repeat the experience...though...i must say the arrangements you had made were perfect...and we thought Continental did a great job in the transport...

by now...Obi is beautifully settled into our home...she is filled with wonder at everything...shoelaces!...zipper pulls!...a catnip mouse!...?Can the world really be filled with all these amazing toys??...she comes running when we call her name...she runs to meet us when we come home...and we cant wait to get home to see her...she is fascinated by every new guest who shows up...and they love her right back...plenty of cuddling...plenty of antics...

thank you so much, paula, for bringing this joyful little creature into our lives...you have been so thoughtful in all of our phone and e-mail interactions...and we can tell by Obis fearless affection and playful spirit...her babyhood was filled with health, warmth, and unconditional loving attention...

with love and many thanks...cathy
San Francisco, CA
Cathy and Obi
Leigh and Obi
San Francisco, CA
Lee and Bella Reno, NV
Lucy and Julia - Glen Burnie, MD
Joey & Mickey - Burleson, Tx
Azlin & Azreal - Midland, Tx
Angelo and Charley - 
Fort Worth Texas

Hi! I am sorry I was out of town but here are some pics of me and frida. We are having so much fun and she has adapted so well. she even has mommy's eyes. She
takes bubble baths and sometimes jumps in the shower with me she is so funny.

Thank you 

Maye and Frida
Los Angeles, CA
The Bishop Family - Ft. Worth, Tx
Patrick and Natalia - San Antonio, Tx
Jaime and Ollie - Grapevine, Tx
Gail & Zoe Greenville, Tx
Ruffy, Boomer and Sooner
Ft Worth, Tx
Little Tara Grace and Lola
You are so welcome and we have more of her checking out the christmas tree that I will send to you soon too! Lucy is my little helper when I am in the kitchen cooking and she loves to wait for the girls to home from school so she can play with them! She is the best cat anyone could ever have and she has made our home complete. We are almost ready to get another one so she has a playmate. I will write you again very soon! We can't say thank you enough for her she is the life of the family!!


Happy Anniversary to the Liebson Family
Lucy, Cairo & Mystery
Highland Park, Texas.
Stephen, Cindy, Raylee, Madycin, and  Dovey
Clinton, OK
Morning Paula,

Just wanted to let you know that Lovey Dovey is really adjusting well. She slept all night and has been enjoying her toys. The girls get a bit over zealous and want to hold her bit she doesnt seem to mind. It was funny last night when she was checking out the bedrooms. The girls would walk in a she would startle and arch her back and hiss a little and zoom to another room. Thank you so much! We love her! We was just going to call her Dovey but the girls kept saying Debbie :). So now her official name on paper will be: Rexes R Us Smokey Blue Lovey Dovey.

Hi Paula. I have been trying to get a good picture of Zoe, but she just won't be still. I give up, this is as good as it gets right now! I'll keep trying. She is such fun to have. She is so loving and likes everybody. My 4 year old grandson totes her all around and says he likes her better than my daughter's cat.I saw on your website this morning where you had posted more kittens. I was going to talk to you about the little white female, but I see I'm too late. My daughter is 19 and could decide to move out at any given time,taking her cat, and there would go Zoe's playmate. I don't want Zoe to ever have to be home alone while I'm at work, so I have been leaning towards getting another kitten.I had thought that since Zoe was black, it would be neat to have a white one.And I am willing to wait for one.I even have a name picked out! So,if in the future you have any white or predominantly white kittens, male or female , I would be very interested. Zoe is so neat and I know i can't go wrong getting another kitten from you! Thanks! Gail Dudley

Brittany, Hollis and Albus
Galveston, Tx
Virginia, MN
Sean Freeman and Godzilla
aka ZillaCarrollton, Tx
Terri Walker & Princess Leia Skywalker - Clinton, MS
New Best Friends. Dexter & Albus
Galveston, Tx
Hi Paula,

Just wanted to send you a quick update on Leia. The vet visit went great.....she's healthy and very active and adjusting nicely to her new home. She's everything I hoped for and I just want to thank you for everything. I'm looking forward to the new litters.

Clinton, MS
"See we get along with everyone!"
Angelo & Charley - Ft Worth, Tx

Albus - Galveston, Tx
Yea I snap a lot of pictures because Hollis goes off to sea and wants to see a picture a day :). Albus is doing great he is a cuddle bug. Loves to play and is super healthy. Couldn't ask for more in a kitten. We are trying to train him to walk on a leash... He is pretty indifferent to any training so it makes it pretty easy for us. Anywho, hope all is well in ft worth!

The Rangel Family
Los Angeles, CA
Comet and Zilla
Carrollton, Tx
Just wanted to say thank you again for everything. Luke and Leia took immediately to one another...no hissing or pffft's! They started playing and haven't stopped. They won't sit still so I could take a pic but as soon as they do, I will send one over.

Again, thank you for the beautiful kittens. We are all extremely happy!

Luke & Leia SkyWalker & their mum :)

The Skywalker Family
Clinton, MS
Hey Paula,

I thought I would let you know that Lovey is doing great. She was spayed on May 9 and weighs about 4.5 lbs. And is back to being her crazy self :) She is great with the girls and oh is she a lovey dovey. Her name suits her. The vet wanted to keep her because she won his heart. She is also a fly catcher :)

C. L. Gerhardt
Clinton, OK

The Gerhardt Family
Clinton, OK
Luke Skywalker & Terri
Just a quick update on Luke's vet visit. He's healthy as can be and getting
along beautifully with Leia.
They're both amazing! Thank you so much for everything!

The Roman Family
Big Spring, Tx
Zoe - Greenville, Tx
Zoe and her BFF Cocos
Pic of our daughter Scarlett and lil boy she named Noah waking up together this morning. He's been great!

Cincinnati, OH
Jenna, Shannon and Harley
Gainesville, Tx
Gail, Ian and Lily
Greenville, Tx 
Hey Paula,

Java's first night here went well! He's so perfect and my husband thinks so too. Hes so affectionate, probably one of the best qualities he has ! Thank u so much for ur patience and everything!

Thank u again,
Kimberly :))
NRH, Texas
Churchill - Big Spring, Tx
Lucy & Gizmo
Highland Park, Tx
Holli, Brent and Libra
Lake Dallas, Tx
Gary and Tezy
Raytown, MO

Grant, Jaime and their new baby
Grapevine, Tx
Hello Paula, just a update Libra is such a good cat. He loves all the other animals.. He loves to be the center of attention. I am so happy with the pick. Ill let you know how the vet visit goes tomorrow. Thank you for everything Holli

Hey Paula, Hope all is well over there? Omg you wont believe well actually you prob would. But Libra is so goofy. And really come out of his shell.... He keeps Brent and I on our toes... He plays plays and sleeps every night with me. I love him so much.... Thank you for such a blessing.....
Lucy, Kylee and Morgan
Karen, Shannon and Viper
Gainesville, Tx
Look who fell asleep first!
The Freeman's
Carrollton, Tx
Stephanie and Homer
Odessa, Tx
Will, Heather, Caroline and Bryant
George West, Tx
Raylee and Madycin
Clinton, Ok
Jamie and Tango
Arlington, Tx
Hi Paula, 

Leia and I are doing great. She is such a joy for me and wonderful companion and SO smart!

Here are a couple of recent pics of her in her favorite spot on my lap under a blanket watching TV.

Hey Paula! 
Homer is doing great! He's such a spaz. He cracks us up!
We love him soooo much. He is adjusting well to his surroundings. He uses his litter box without difficulty and is an AWSOME presence. Adds so much live to us all.
He'll potty before bed sleep all night up around my neck or under covers and we wake up, he uses his litter box then. Sleeps all night.
Eating well. I have mixed 1/2 EVO and 1/2 Science diet and have bad no apparent difficulty. His urine output is also very good. 
I have not had a chance to get him into get - Dr Johnson who is familiar with the breed can't see him till Wednesday.

The picture with the steering wheel was taken on our travel home. He was tired. 

We love him Paula, and thanks for everything. 

Odessa, Tx
Lazey Daisy
Clinton, OK


I wanted to let you know that I took the kitten to the vet yesterday and she had an EXCELLENT Health check up. Like I thought it was going to be any different!!!

The vet did want me to check to find out the exact date you gave the leukemia shot? They thought it was probably when you gave the last ones which was April 5, but they wanted to find out for sure. The sticker was there, but no date.

The new kitten's name is Bella. She is doing great and was an angel all the way home in the car. I will send pictures soon.

Thank you again and we may be looking at getting another one from you. It was wonderful meeting you.

Hope and Bella
Hebron, NE
Odessa, TX
The Boone Family
Wylie, Tx
Homer - Odessa, Tx
Here's a recent pic of Finley in one of his favorite spots. Just look at those 
ears! He's so adorable. He's doing great and is a blast to have in our home. He
loves playing with his toys and climbing his tree, but he's also super sweet and
cuddly. I can't tell you enough how thankful we are to you for having made it 
possible for us to adopt him! Thanks for everything!!
Wanted to let you know Fenigan is doing great. He has acclimated to our home and
getting along great with the dogs. In fact he loves playing with our Chihuahua.

The Woods Family
Arlington, Tx
The Domengeaux Family
San Antonio, Tx
Thanksgiving Day Surprise!!!
Sugarland, Texas
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Fox Family, San Antonio, Tx
Les and Rousey, Keller, Tx
The Martin Family, Mansfield, Tx
Hello, just got back from the vet. He is familiar with Cornish Rex. They do not use ketamine to spay any cats, which is good, but that's a ways off. He gave Hazel a clean bill of health and said she looked spectacular!
She is definitely a little ball of energy, I wish she could lend me some. Definitely a lot of fun. And she loves to cuddle, and give us kisses. 
She's getting used to one of the dogs, we're still working with the other which will probably take more time, but it's getting there. 
I've attached a few pictures you can use for your site if you want. =D

-Kathryn Fox

We settled on Rousey as our new kitten's name. She is named after a tough but 
cute UFC fighter named Rhonda Rousey. Rousey is doing great and loads of fun.  

Les Stafslien


Ethel is doing wonderfully. She is healthy. They loved her at the vets. She does have a very slight heart murmur but the vet was not alarmed and felt she would grow out of it. Most importantly, we will check for it before any anesthesia such as spaying.

Lucy has completely accepted her now and they play and sleep together in my bed. Initially, Lucy would spit at her if she got into my lap but she seems over that now. There share my lap. It is funny to see them wrestle which involves more licking each other than anything else.

Ethel is slowly making more ventures toward Floyd, my Carin Terrier who just seems to watch her patiently from his bed. She is unsure of him. The first day she saw him she arched her back and spit at him. It was hysterical.

She is a talker and has totally won my husband's heart. He has claimed himself as her favorite. She always cries for him to pick her up then looks lovingly into his eyes, touches his chin with an outstretched paw, and let's out a long winded cry. That's a heart winner alright.

I will try to get pictures of her and Lucy together tomorrow.

Malinda and Yogi
Kaufman, Tx
Levi is just pure joy......about a month ago, he caught some kind of cold and was lethargic for a day so we took him to the vet right away and got him some antibiotics, but he bounced right back and has been flying around the house ever since.....thanks again for such a great cat....hope you and kitties are well
John, Linda, Twiggy and Kenny
San Antonio, Tx
Alyssa, Ava Belle, and Winona Pearl
Fayetteville, AR
Hannah and Angus
San Antonio, Tx

Ward Family
Grapevine, Tx
The Allison Family
Fayetteville, AR
Hi Paula 
Sorry I didn't get a chance to call you back. I was in San Antonio yesterday. 
Oreo is doing great the vet loved him! The vet held him close to his chest and 
oreo started licking his chin- he said "you have a good one here" his eye matter 
is odd - it was gone by the time I took him to the vet and next day is was back? 
Then none the following day and back again this morning? Weird- so we are just 
cleaning him up when we see it
I have attached a few photos Syd has taken
Have a great evening- Debbie

Austin, Tx
Hi Paula,

Just wanted to send a couple pictures of our precious Ava Belle. She is such a 
sweetie!! She is curious and active but loves to curl up on your lap for a nap. 
We couldn't be happier with her! We are anxiously awaiting our new kitten. 
Thanks for everything!

Sharon Middleton

Winona and Teddy
Fayetteville, AR
Ava Belle just woke up from a Sunday afternoon nap. She can't wait for her new 
"sister" to join her in December. 
Cleo and Heddy BFF
Fort Worth, Tx
Jaime and Buster
Coppell, Tx
The Middletons
Searcy, AR
Milian Family
Raytown, MO
Hi Paula! 
Stephanie Jones from Odessa. I thought I'd update you on Homer. He is loving 
life and is always center of attention!! He has been a true blessing. 

Sleepy Boys
Hi Paula,
Just wanted to send you a couple pictures of our girls. Alice May is just a 
little sweetie! We think that she is beautiful just like her big sister Ava 
Belle. They love to play and wrestle. It was a pleasure to finally meet you. 
Sharon Middleton

Tomball, Tx
The Lee Family
Fort Worth, Tx
The McGaha Family with Gizmo
McKinney, Tx

Austin, Tx
Paisley and Jen
She is doing great !! She is very explorative and very curious, loves exploring every little object ! Very vocal when she wants something, and she is beyond spoiled , already has a few little kitty outfits and clothing lol - I call her miss Bossy Sending a pic of her :) We adore her and love her so much !!! Thank you !! :) 
Hey there! We bought a kitten from you about 3 years ago! Now we have a friend (Danielle) that is buying from you too because she loved our beautiful Albus so much. I just wanted to share some pictures of him:) he has been amazing and made our lives more colorful! when I start working onshore I hope to get him a white lady friend from you ;)

Albus, Galvaston, Tx
Roeske Family
Goliad, Tx
Bond Family
Frisco, Tx
Hi Paula, 

I've got to say Lizzy is perfect, and I'm crazy about her. She is such a spaz half the time, then crashes on my lap the other half. She sleeps with me every night and when I wake up at 5am for work she's up in the bathroom eyes half open watching me get ready. She provides constant entertainment to my boyfriend and I, she actually learned to fetch this past week and just this morning woke me up shoving her little toy in my face trying to get me to throw it! She also has springs in her legs just like her mama! She can jump up to our fairly tall entertainment center no problem at all, and she's still just a kitten! I could go on and on about how much I love her if I wanted to but we'll save that for another day! Thank you so much for providing this adorable ball of energy to me, I don't know what I would do without her now! 

-Miranda Lee

Keathley Family
Houston, Tx
Linda, Dean and Smokey
Azle, Tx
Devon, Danielle and Kreacher
San Antonio, Tx
Hi Paula,
Sorry we have not been in touch before now. George Washington "GEO"
has fit perfectly into our family. He and Molly, our Irish Terrier, are the best
of friends. You can see from this picture that they're very comfortable with one
We love this little guy!

Hope all is well with you!


Hi Paula,

My 6yr old son named the kitten Trap. He is doing great. He was
a little shy at first, but it's understandable since he was stepping into a loud
rambunctious house with 3 kids, a cat and a 135lb dog. After 2 days, Trap is now
playful, loves to cuddle, he's even been rubbing himself on the dog.  

those who like to wash their cats, I took trap in the shower with me yesterday. 
While he didn't love it, he did tolerate it really well. He's so little, I
didn't want him to get cold, but his curly fur dried very quickly with just a
towel. He came out clean, full of energy and ready to play. 

Thank you! 

Erin and Trap
Frisco, Tx
Hi Paula, 

Just wanted to thank you for "Wiskers". He does a fabulous job with the litter box and is now eating like a champ. He is VERY vocal and friendly with everyone. He will even chase you down at lightening speed for a scratch behind the ear if you happen to walk past him without a "hello". Thanks again! 

Kathy & Eva
The Martin Family and Fluffernuff
Mansfield, Tx
Gary, Pam and Milo
Houston, Tx
Alex, Michelle and Woodrow
Houston, Tx
The Berggren Family
Augusta, KS
​The Cassiday Family
Crescent, OK
Humphrey's Family
Farmers Branch, Tx
Bumgarner Family
Spring, Tx
Bella, Alex and Onyx
Saginaw, Tx
Alex and Gus
Houston, Tx
Alford Family
Powderly, Tx
Farmers Branch, Tx
Trap is relentlessly cute and very ornery...true to the breed standard. :)

The Bashline Family
Houston, Tx
Pate Family
Searcy, AR
Hey Paula! Our family loves our new addition. The kids named her Katie Cocoa
Baby. We adore her and and she settling in just great! Thanks
Searcy, AR
Jeff, Andrea, and Cheddar
Houston, Tx
Hi Paula,

I just wanted to let you know that we are so in love with him
already, he is such a sweet kitty! And he and Rascal are in love too!

couldn't be happier-- thanks!

Houston, Tx
Brian, Monica, and Twiggy
Tyler, Tx
Hi Paula. 

Wanted to share photos of Milo and Micky. They are doing great
and we are really enjoying them. 

Dropkin Family
Austin, Tx
Gene & Buttons
Allen, Tx
Sykeshia and Luna
Houston, Tx
The Gibbons Family
League City, Tx
The Reeves Family
Houston, Tx
The Westfall Family and Halley
Fort Worth, Tx
Just wanted to get you up to date on Luna and how she's fitting in. She's doing well and the dogs all love her. I've attached some pics and a video..
Dear Paula,

I just wanted to give you an update with Gwenyvar. She is doing great! She is eating dry food now and is so rambunctious! She is absolutely a doll and all the family loves her and spoils her. I am so amazed at how smart and affectionate this breed is! Thank you so much for all your help! 

The Reeves Family
Strehler Family
Round Rock, Tx 
Steven, Xander, Zoe, and Gary
Raytown, MO
Proud owners of Tezy, Ixy, and Xama
Just wanted share a couple recent pics of our kitty baby! We love her!
Searcy, AR
Kelly, Bobby and Pasta
Webster, Tx

Just an update. Luna is starting to do a lot better. I think she's starting to become more independent which has been great in really reducing her stress. She meows less and seems to be happier. I'm so glad she's more comfortable. She has been spayed now and she did awesome. She's healing nicely and all the vet staff really loves her and raves over her. I've attached some pics and a video of her. She's growing up to be a gorgeous super model cat and she is still completely in love with my Jack Russell, Zephyr. They are always close by one another. Thanks again for all your help. 

Houston, Tx
The Gonzalez Family
Arlington, Tx
Cheyenne, Chase &
Tyrion Oscar Valentino
Little Rock, AR
The Mowry Family
Kent, WA
The Navarez Family & Phoebe
Arlington, TX
Odessa, TX
The O'Sullivan Family & Elua
Midland, Tx
We are home and Elua and kokuha hit it off instantly she is eating,pooping, drinking and sleeping.
We love her and
looking forward to watching her grow.
Thank you for our new baby.
Lesia , Libert, Kanani 
The Hughes Family and Chopstick
Keller, TX
The Briscoe Family
Mansfield, TX
The Walker Family
Kennedale, TX
Little Rock, AR
Katy, Brad, Victoria, & Jules
Plano, TX
Hi Paula,
So it has been about a year now since Luna has graced our home. Luna, Lunababy, Lunabella, Lunar, Lune, LoonyToons, or Lunatic; she is a perfect fit for our family. She is full of personality and everyone who meets her loves her. Luna and Maggie (our greyhound/pointer) get along great. Her favorite spot to be in the summer & fall is on her perch watching the neighbor hood. In winter & spring you can find her lounging in front of the fireplace (frequently with myself or Maggie). She is a gorgeous and healthy cat and I am thrilled at the lack of hair everywhere. She is spoiled rotten and we couldn’t imagine life without her.
Thanks so much!
Renee, Scott, Ezri & Aden Berggren
Augusta, KS
Jennifer & Patches
Houston, TX
Kit and Bella
Early, TX
 Hi! This is the Narvaez family. Our baby has really become a part of our family. She even has her own bedroom with queen bed (if she doesn't feel like sleeping with us). We adore her. Such a lovable cat, loves snugs. Here are some pics. Thanks for everything!!!
Hi Paula, 
 I got Pasta from you in February and everything has been amazing. He's been an angel from his first check up, to his neuter. Tons of energy, very affectionate and gets along great with my dog. I just want to thank you for breeding such a great cat. I'll always recommend you to anyone who asks about this breed. 
Tracy & her new babies
Jackson, MS
Love at first sight!
Stephanie & Murfi
Odessa, TX
The babies are doing well. I ended up changing their names to Artemis (my little Torti/white) and Athena (my little Oreo). They had their first vet visit today and everyone is healthy and strong. 
Emoji and Onyx are growing up fast! They have a lot of character in them, we just love them to death! Thank you for these beautiful babies. 

Sending you pics to share on your website.

Paul and Zabrina Contreras

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