Jules & Katy
Plano, TX
Euless, TX
Hello Paula this is a recent picture of Bella. She is just so precious and curious. I just love her more each passing day. Kit
Robin, Michael & Simba
Lake Charles, LA
Rose, Storm & Panda
Fort Worth, TX
Corpus Christi, TX
Tegan, Piper, GiGi, Taden & Amber
Crescent, OK
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I believe the name has been finalized, Piper KitKat. She has adjusted very well and has slept with Tegan every night. Thanks again! 
Pam and new baby
Chula Vista, CA
Kissell Family
Fort Worth, TX
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The Scimemi Family
Lake Charles, LA
Ryan & Melanie
Colorado Springs, CO
Hi Paula, 
It's Ryan, just wanted to check in with you. Cinder did great with all of the travel, no problems boarding the plane either. She got her first bath, she is eating great and using the litter and playing a lot. 
Also just wondering if the little Blue gray kitty you showed was perhaps available? We were consider having two. Thanks for everything!

The Jepson Family
San Antonio, TX
Hi Paula,

Thought you’d like this picture of Chopstix taking a little nap with our dog (she does this all the time). She has been doing great! Thank you so much for such a great little kitty. 

Colorado Springs, CO
Lucy and Ethel
Glen Bernie, MD

Ethel is the only odd eyed kitten to be born in this cattary.
Persey and Zeus
San Antonio, TX
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The Fuller Family
McKinney, TX
Jeff, Melissa, and Olive
Bedford, TX

Well it's Luna's first birthday today and I wanted to give you an update on her. I know when we last spoke I told you about her separation anxiety and how tough things were for awhile. Well after doing some research and talking to people I decided to get her a kitty sibling that would stay with her 24/7 and so she'd never be alone when the dogs and I had to leave. It ended up being the best decision I could've made for her. I wanted a cat to match her personality and energy level and I found the perfect little boy. I now live in Chicago (it's where the Navy sent me for the next 3 years) and I just happened to find a vet that also raised and showed Cornish Rexes and she had a boy that was still waiting on a home. His name is Oliver and he and Luna are inseparable! They do everything together and this past weekend I had to board them because I had to go out of state and the staff couldn't stop talking about how awesome they were. They play constantly and if they aren't don g that then they are sleeping together (or with the dogs) or grooming one another. She's so much happier! I have posted a bunch of pics for you to see how beautiful Luna has grown to be. I ordered them a custom made litterbox cabinet that my dogs couldn't get into and the lady that makes them loved the cats so much she asked my permission to use them on her site to help sell her litter cabinets. They're semi-famous! She's my supermodel cat. I absolutely love her length and shape. She reminds me of a model strutting the walkway. Anyway, I hope all is well and I am so glad that I was able to get Luna in my life!! 

I wanted to send you an updated picture. He is still a handsome boy. Churchill, 
Big Springs, TX
Pippa Hickox 22 weeks old
Spring, TX
Hi update on Chloe. She is no longer having bathroom accidents. I think she was just adjusting to her new home. Found a nice vet that used gas for her spay surgery and she was up and running by the second day. We all ❤️❤️her. Hope all is good with you. 
Thank you for suggesting to "lock her up" for short periods of time. It really worked. We had her tested at the vet just to be sure and she is in excellent health 
Chula Vista, CA
Love at first sight!
Shafi Family
Garland, TX
Already Spoiled!
Bennett Family & Zachary
Corsicana, TX
Pippa's New Playmate
Ms. Velvet
Spring, TX
The Ullrich Family
Fort Worth, TX
Laurens Kitten 
Corpus Christi, TX
Colorado Springs, CO
Good morning Paula!!
This is Stephanie from Odessa. 

I thought I would update you on the cats. 
If you'll remember, Homer was born January of 2012. Murfi was born this year April 20th. 

They get along so well and are so content. 
Murfi is healthy and thriving. He has been cleared by the Vet for a possible heart murmur and abdominal hernia. Thank goodness. 

Thank you so much for making all of this possible. I have been so blessed. 
Happy Holidays to you and your family Paula!!

I was going to text you this evening. Just took them to the vet. They are two healthy babies!! Eating well, a little bit of soft food and I mixed up the hard food as you suggested and they are going well with the transition. We cant stop laughing with all their behaviors. Leonardo was very sociable since he arrive. Fatima is now going around the house and playing with Leonardo Im in love!!! Thanks a lot!

Ryan and Ringo
Colorsfo Springs, CO
Austin, TX
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The Grandville Family
Richardson, Tx  

Hey, Paula! Maranda from Washington here again just to let you know how little Maisy is doing! I was going to wait on updating since she's barely 6 months, but I feel like she's gotten so much bigger since then so I just had to share. Let me start off by saying she's spoiled rotten, but her favorite toy is still the little pink mouse that you shipped her here with - she also goes crazy for feather toys, but the mouse is by far her favorite. She's so huge now compared to how tiny she was when we got her, but I have mixed emotions about that since that has caused her to be a total daredevil. We just took her to get some more of her boosters today, and I was shocked when they said she was a whopping 4.7 pounds! Such a huge difference than when she came, I believe she was only 1 pound... well not huge, but huge to us. I feel like she's almost reached her "graceful cat stage", as I'd like to call it. She's more clumsy now, but I'm sure she'll get it, hahaha.

You weren't kidding when you said she'd be a ball of energy either! I feel like she really is more of a dog, that's what I tell everyone. Everyone thinks she's so cute when they first see her too, no one ever knows what kind of cat she is. If you can't tell from the pictures, she's starting to get that little curl to her fur now, I love it! Her whiskers are also growing in, and they are getting very curly as well. Anyway, I won't take up any more of your time, I just really wanted to thank you for this crazy little kitty! She's so full of love, and I can't wait to see how she continues to grow! I'll definitely be keeping you updated.

- Maranda Hunter
Maisy - Washington
The Neiderer Family & Paisley Jane
Austin, TC

Anguelo Family
Sugarland, TX
​The Johnson Family & Griswald
Keller, TX
​Chalfont, PA
The Smith Family
Cedar Creek, TX
The Simmons Family with Tango
Houston, TX

The Fink Family with Blaze
Keller, TX
Thank you Paula for such a great experience with your cattery, and for our beautiful healthy kitten Blaze! We enjoyed and appreciated your letting us visit your cattery several times before we got our little boy Blaze and keeping us in the know about the kitten availability. It is also great that you feed your cats such a high quality food! It definitely shows in your cats and kittens. The care package you sent home with Blaze was the icing on the cake though! Taking the time to put together such a nice bag with a blanket, toy, ample food for the first week, and shot record was wonderful. The blanket and toy smelled familiar to him and was a comfort to him. Also thank you for answering so many of my questions during and still after the process of getting our little guy! I will recommend you in any way I can.
Most sincerely and with many thanks,
JoJo Fink
Keller, TX
Demra & Drac n the Box
Houston, TX
The best surprise Birthday present ever!
The Whittington Family
Richardson, TX
The Sutton Family
Waco, TX
The Wilson Family
Little Rock, AR

The Walden Family & Cookie
Hurst, TX
​Moran Family
Gainseville, TX
Bliek Family
Houston, TX
Brown Family
Colorado Springs, CO
Wagner Family
Houston, TX
Lee Family
Colorado Springs, CO
Norton Family
Weatherford, TX
Ivan and Lalo
El Paso, TX
Wilson Family with kitten #4
Little Rock, AR
Seatle, WA
Weatherford, TX
The Miller Family
Fountain, CO
Fountain, CO
Taylor Family
Houston, TX
Asner Family
Moore, OK
Rios Family
Richardson, TX
Ingram Family
Crescent, OK
Way to Cute!
Taylor Family
Richardson, TX
Susie & Sailor Valentino
Richardson, Tx
Johnson Family
Houston, TX
The Frost family    
Koiner Family
Azle, TX
Azle, TX