Helpful Hints
Your Cornish Rex Kitten

Body Temperature 
Because of their short coats, Cornish Rex cats feel warmer to the touch than other cats. Their body temperature is typically 101.5 F.

False Heart Murmurs
Some Vets who are not familiar with the breed may mistakenly hear a heart murmur. It has to do with the shape of their rib cage. A good idea would be to find a vet who is familiar with this breed and their needs.

Drug Overdoses
I cannot stress enough the importance of being vigilant about this concern. Vets who are not accustomed to lean, exotic breeds will sometimes to forget to adjust the dose of the prescription drug or sedative given before anesthesia. Ordinarily a vet will sedate a cat before anesthesia. The sedative KETAMINE has caused several Cornish Rex cats to have strokes and suffer neurological damage. Request that your Vet use gas.

 Most will fall into the KITTEN category in regards to medication dosages.

Quality food is very important! Two small meals per day, (approximately 1/4 cup) is the best way to keep your cat not only satisfied, but remain slim. I personally feed my cats “Science Diet Sensitive Systems.” I recommend Science Diet Kitten for the first year.  

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